About Us

About-Us_Inspection-StationCardinal_Factory-WebbCityCardinal Scale Manufacturing Company is a conservatively-operated, family-owned business dedicated to providing high-quality static and dynamic vehicle scales.  Although Cardinal Scale has been making scales since 1953, the first in-motion vehicle scales were not offered until 1997.  Our first vehicle in-motion scale was a medium speed load cell model.  Later, in 1999, Cardinal developed a QWIM series of in-motion vehicle scale using Kistler LINEAS® quartz sensors.  The first QWIM series scales used an industrial PC with a Cardinal-designed interface.  A few years later, Cardinal replaced the industrial PC with a Cardinal-designed WIM controller.  The first in-motion scales were used in the entrance ramps to weigh stations to identify over weight vehicles and direct them to the static scale for enforcement weighing.  Later, Cardinal provided in-motion scales for mainline preclearance systems and most recently has expanded to offer a Cardinal Virtual Weigh Station.  In addition to the QWIM line of high-speed in-motion scales, Cardinal also offers a precision slow-speed in-motion scale, the SWIM series, which utilize Cardinal compression load cells.  Cardinal in-motion scales can be found across the US as well as in South America, the Mid East and the Far East.  Cardinal’s expertise in the in-motion weighing of vehicles borrows heavily on the knowledge gained in designing and manufacturing one of the best known lines of static vehicle scales.  Cardinal truck scales are offered in all configurations from pit type to low profile models from medium duty to extreme duty for mining and off-road applications.  These truck scales are available with either Cardinal strain gauge or hydraulic load cells and a full line of Cardinal instrumentation ensuring Cardinal quality throughout the system.

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