Slow-Speed In-Motion Load Cell-Based Scales

The Cardinal SWIM Series Slow Speed In-Motion Vehicle Scale offers the ideal combination of accuracy and speed. The SWIM In-Motion Scale uses a single weighbridge contained in a solid lower frame. Each platform is supported by four Cardinal SCA Series Stainless Steel Compression Load Cells to weigh each axle end of a vehicle as it travels across the scale.


Virtual Weigh Stations

For less than the cost of one standard weigh station, you can install multiple virtual weigh stations to increase your level of commercial weight enforcement. Using a Cardinal QWIM series high-speed in-motion vehicle scale, a high resolution camera, over height detector and cellular interface are added to form a complete virtual weigh station.


Commercial Weigh Stations

If you’re looking for a complete set of weighing components for a highway weigh station, you’ve come to the right place. Cardinal is one of only a very few companies that builds both static and in-motion vehicle scales and the instrumentation to go with them. As such, we can design and install and calibrate a completely-integrated seamless weighing system.


Optional Peripheral Equipment

To compliment your commercial weighing station, Cardinal Scale offers a multitude of optional peripheral equipment such as off-scale sensors, over-height detectors, auto WIM calibration, traffic control systems, vehicle identification, automatic license plate readers, US DOT number readers, overview cameras, remote displays, loop detectors, and special application software.


Custom Systems

Cardinal’s in-house engineering staff can design a custom in-motion scale system to fit your exact needs for your specific application. Starting with a QWIM series in-motion scale, our engineers can add peripherals and application software to fit your unique needs. Some examples of custom systems Cardinal Scale can assist with are mining, trucking terminals, and road safety applications.