Custom Systems

Cardinal’s engineering staff can design a custom in-motion scale system to fit your exact needs for your specific application.  Starting with a QWIM series in-motion scale, our engineers can add peripherals and application software to fit your unique needs.  Some examples are:

  •  Mining – RF tag reader ore trucks can be weighed before they reach the crusher.  Reports of ore hauled for each truck can be generated allowing you to not only track the total ore processed but productivity of each ore truck by each shift.
  • Trucking Terminals – The strategic placement of an in-motion scale can weigh vehicles leaving the terminal and automatically warn of any overloaded axles or bridge formula violations potentially saving tens of thousand dollars in overweight fines yet not slowing any legally loaded trucks in their departure.
  • Road Safety – Placing an in-motion vehicle scale before a sharp curve or a low bridge or a bridge with a load limit can warn drivers in time to allow them to avoid or safely negotiate the potential hazard.  The system can even be interfaced with weather instrumentation to vary the acceptable speed with weather conditions.