Virtual Weigh Stations

With ever-increasing construction costs and the need to streamline and economize commercial weight enforcement, Cardinal offers a tool to do just that.  For less than the cost of one standard weigh station, you can install multiple virtual weigh stations to increase your level of commercial weight enforcement.  Using a Cardinal QWIM series high-speed in-motion vehicle scale, a high resolution camera, over height detector and cellular interface are added to form a complete virtual weigh station.  As the vehicle passes over the quartz sensor array, its image is captured along with its axle weights and speed.

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  A vehicle record containing this information plus vehicle classification, time and date, location, and identification number is transmitted wirelessly to the Internet allowing the enforcement officer to monitor commercial traffic in real time from the lap top in the officer’s vehicle.  This information is also anywhere there is Internet service enabling supervisors to do manpower planning and designers to monitor traffic flows and patterns all while protecting your valuable infrastructure.  Cardinal Virtual Weigh Stations can be used to monitor multiple travel lanes and, with available options and special software, can be tailored to your exact specifications.  Some of the standard features of a Cardinal Virtual Weigh Station include:

  • Kistler LINEAS® Quartz Sensor-Based High-Speed Weigh-In-Motion Vehicle Scales in Single or Dual Threshold Configurations (Meets ASTM E1318-02 Performance Requirements)
  • High Performance Laser Based Over Height Detector
  • Day / Night IP Camera with Infrared Illuminators for Vehicle Identification
  • Roadside Instrumentation Cabinet with Thermostatically Controlled Heater and Cooling Fan
  • Standard Cellular Interface
  • Detects Over Weight and Bridge Formula Violations
  • Produces Standard Reports for Traffic Monitoring
  • Available with Optional License Plate and DOT Readers
  • Service as Close as Your Telephone